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[Comic for Sunday, April 24, 2005]

Special Guest Colorist: John S. Troutman of Troutcave Comics


Fooker: Half the team *dies*? Why did you make him so powerful?
Nick: I was ending the series! I wanted it to have a dramatic conclusion!
Dexter: He's right, though. The sacrifice of several main characters *would* add a dramatic element and heighten the --

Ki: Dexter, shut up!
Fooker: And where does this Inexplodable Spork fit in? Is he another one of your cartoon creations?
The Inexplicable Speck!: That's "Inexplicable *Speck,*" and you people are starting to give me a gargantuan headache...

Nick: Okay, look, I'm sorry! I didn't know we would end up near the end of the Mobius Wave Gem saga. I *thought* we'd encounter Sinister Stan, or Apogee, or even Chrono-Monk. *Not* Warmonger, and *especially* not in his most powerful form. I just thought it would be fun to act out some old super hero fantasies and include my friends in it. I... I guess I didn't input the right parameters in the MUTEX's reality matrix.
Nick: As for the Speck, I don't know where *he* comes from. He's not one of *my* characters. He did say something about his "own universe," so maybe he crossed a dimensional boundary and ended up in our pocket universe by mistake.
The Inexplicable Speck!: "Pocket Universe?" Wait a minute... This is all starting to come together...

The Inexplicable Speck!: The Gamester said some guy named Nick *thought* he had created a "pocket" universe, but really linked with an existing one his subconscious had tapped into. If you're that Nick, maybe your comics were really an expression of *real* events occurring *here.*
Nick: That... *could* be possible...
Ki, shaken, thinks: The Gamester?

The Warmonger, pointing a humongous gunhand at The Inexplicable Speck! and Nick: You geeks yap too much.
The Warmonger: Yer time's up.

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