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[Comic for Wednesday, April 27, 2005]

Special Guest Colorist: John S. Troutman of Troutcave Comics


[[The Inexplicable Speck! reaches out with his newly-discovered elasticity.]]
The Inexplicable Speck!, to Dexter: Quick, um... you! Distract him long enough for me to try and restrain him!
[[Dexter flies to do so.]]
Dexter: Gotcha!

[[Dexter floats over the Warmonger's head, waggling his fingers at the sides of his face.]]
Dexter: Hey, iron shorts!
Dexter: I bet your electronics were coded in LOGO!
[[The Warmonger looks up at Dexter, and is unaware of the Inexplicable Speck!'s stretchy arms reaching for him.]]
Warmonger, to Dexter: C'mere so I can squash you, you insect!

[[The Inexplicable Speck!'s stretchy arms are wrapped all around the Warmonger.]]
Warmonger: GAH!
The Inexplicable Speck!: Watch who yer callin' an insect, buddy!

[[The Warmonger falls flat on his face. His claw springs open, releasing Sharon.]]

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