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[Comic for Friday, April 29, 2005]

Special Guest Colorist: Jodie Troutman of Troutcave Comics


Fooker: Fine! Ki and I will combine our powers and blast the Gem to Kingdom Come!
Nick: You can't! Your energy-based blasts will only amplify the Wave and increase Warmonger's strength!

[[As the Team is discussing how to destroy the Gem, the Inexplicable Speck! is straining harder and harder to keep the Warmonger subdued.]]
Fooker: Then why don't you or Dexter just crush the thing with your super strength?
Nick: We can't! It's impervious to brute force! Neither of us could put a scratch on it!

Dexter: Then why don't we get the Speck to pull it loose with his stretchy hands?
The Inexplicable Speck!, visibly straining: If you... hadn't noticed, I'm a little... *busy* at the moment. Can we hurry this... up a little?

Sharon: I suppose I could give it a nasty looking glare...
Warmonger, off-screen: Hey, I got an idear...
The Inexplicable Speck!: Um, guys...

[[The Warmonger rises as the Inexplicable Speck!'s stretchy arms begin to fall away.]]
Warmonger: How's about I break free...
Warmonger: Then I turn all y'all inta hamburger!

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