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[Comic for Sunday, May 1, 2005]

Special Guest Colorist: Jodie Troutman of Troutcave Comics


[[Fooker, having been blasted by the Warmonger, lies on the ground twitching.]]
Fooker: <<twitch>> <<twitch>>
Sharon: ***FOOKER!***
Sharon: Fooker! Can you hear me? Say something!

Sharon, crying, to the Warmonger: You monster! I'll... I'll...
Warmonger: Whatta ya gonna do, Red? Put flowers in my hair?

[[Sharon's scream sends out waves of sound, which slam into the Warmonger, knocking him off his feet.]]

[[Sharon is holding her throat.]]
Sharon: <<hack!>> <<cough!>> <<wheeze!>>
Ki: Sharon! Are you okay?
Dexter: Holy Dolby Surround Sound, Batman!

Sharon: W-what was *THAT*?!
Dexter: It looks like your powers have nothing to do with hippie stuff! You make sound concussion waves with your voice!
Nick: Um, so maybe the MUTEX extrapolated your powers incorrectly...? Heh...

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