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[Comic for Wednesday, May 4, 2005]

Special Guest Colorist: John S. Troutman of Troutcave Comics


[[The crisis is past. Ki helps Sharon, who is worn out and clutching at her throat.]]
Ki: You did it, Sharon!
Sharon, faintly: yeah...
[[The Inexplicable Speck! retracts his stretchy arms, while Nick holds the now-unsuited and defeated Warmonger by the throat.]]
Nick: And you, Nermil Fisk, are going back to Latchgate Prison!
Warmonger: Heh, ya *know* I was only fookin' with ya, A.I.M.? Right?

[[Fooker is still lying on the ground, knocked out from the Warmonger's blast.]]
Sharon: foo... ker...
Ki: You sit down and rest. I'll make sure he's okay...
Sharon: no... must see... for myself...

[[Fooker sits up, holding his head.]]
Fooker: Ngh... Did anybody get the number of that space shuttle that ran over me?
[[Sharon hugs him joyfully.]]
Sharon: he's okay!
Ki: Well, a few singed hairs here and there, but otherwise he seems fine.

[[In the background, Nick flies off carrying the Warmonger.]]
Fooker, to Sharon: Have you been singing karaoke with Ki again? Your voice sounds terrible...
Dexter: Well, after Nick gets back from taking that guy back to prison, *then* what do we do?
The Inexplicable Speck!: If you ask me, even if it *isn't* super hero crossover tradition, I say we party our cowls off!

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