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[[The charcters remove the Mutex helmets.]]
Ki: We're back!
Fooker: [[with completely flat hair]] Ha! I win the helmet hair contest!
Dexter: There was a contest?

Shanon: That was bizarre, but at least it ended well...
[[Fooker shakes his head vigorously]] <<Shake-a Shake-a Foof!>>
Dexter: Now I want to read the rest of Nick's comics.

Nick: Well, I can let you borrow my folders, if you can forgive my portrayal of your character...
Dexter: Are you kidding? I wanna see how bad he really was.

Shanon: I think this gives you a lot to think about, Nick. It seems the Mutex is far more powerful than you previously thought.
Nick: Agreed. I need to study this adventure's log carefully.

Fooker: Hey, um, Ki? Are you okay?
Ki: I.. I think so...

Ki: I feel strange... like I desperately want to remember something, but someone is holding the memory just out of my reach.

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