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[[The GPF gang at Sharon's. Nick is holding a board game labelled, "Linuxopoly"]]
Nick: Have they truly gone too far when they come out with a Linux version of "Monopoly?"
Fooker: If it's an actual board game and it doesn't use gnome OR KDE, then yes.
Nick: Somehow, I think there's more irony to it than that.

Ki: I get to be Tux!
Nick: Then I call Linus Torvalds.
Sharon: Eric S. Raymond.
Fooker: Nuts. Does that mean I'm stuck with Richard Stallman AGAIN?

Ki: Let's see. St. James' Network with four PCs is 750 cycles.
Nick: Darn. At least you haven't built a server yet, you tyrant.

Sharon: Well, I landed on "RAND," so I have to draw a card. "Your latest market share numbers make a vein pop in Steve Ballmer's forehead. Collect 250 cycles."

Ki: ... five, six! And that puts me on "Open Source!" I get all the cycles in the kitty!
Sharon: Ack! And I just paid that proprietary OS tax!

Sharon: You're on a "Community CVS." Draw a card!
Fooker: "Go to SCO. Go directly to SCO. Do not pass GNU, do not collect 200 cycles."

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