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Ki: Hey, Sharon! Thakns again for having us all over last night!
Sharon: Hm? Oh, no problem, Ki.

Ki: How did things go with your parents and Fooker after Nick and I left?
Sharon: They were only joking, but it WAS funny watching a former super spy sweat meeting his girlfriend's parents.

Ki: What's this? Doing research on your biological Mom?
Sharon: Well, trying to. I'm not being very successful.

Sharon: "Esther Matusevitch" doesn't SEEM like a very common name, but I figured at least SOMETHING would turn up. So far, I just keep hitting dead end after dead end.

Ki: Maybe it was your Mom's maiden name, or she used a false name.
Sharon: Could be. Since there's no mention of my Dad's name, anything is possible.

Ki: Heh, one hopes she's not a convicted felon! Hey! A result just popped up! Where are you now?
Sharon: The FBI's known fugitives page...

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