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[[Anna's first appearance]]
[[Sharon is speaking with someone who Sharon thinks is Elsbeth. It is later revealed that Anna, who works for Elsbeth, is pretending to be Elsbeth.]]
"Elsbeth" [Anna]: Good morning. How may I help you, Miss...?
Sharon: Sharon Murphy. I'm looking for Elsbeth Diederich.
"Elsbeth" [Anna]: I am she.

"Elsbeth" [Anna]: Is something wrong, Miss Murphy?
Sharon: Er... No. I just expected someone much... older.

"Elsbeth" [Anna]: I became CEO of this company after my father passed away.
Sharon: I see. I have only one question: does the name Esther Matusevitch mean anything to you?

"Elsbeth" [Anna]: I'm afraid not. Should it?
Sharon: I suppose not. Apparently, I followed a wrong lead. Sorry to waste your time.

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