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[[Sharon has left, and a shadow, apparently Esther Diederich
Matusevitch, is speaking with Anna]]
Esther: Excellent job, Anna.
Anna: Was that deception really necessary, Ms. Diederich... I mean, Ma'am? Was it really... HER?

Esther: Yes, Anna. It's her. And if she tracked me here even when the Feds gave up, she's smarter than I ever hoped.
Anna: Intelligence has alwlays been a trait in the women of your family.

Esther: Her father may have PLAYED dumb, but he was smarter than he looked. That rat...
Anna: What's the next step? If she found YOU, she could find--

Esther: If they find each other, we'll deal with the consequences. Until then, we pull up roots and start over once again...
tag: To be continued...

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