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[[All characters, with the exception of Trent, are looking straight ahead out of the page.]]

[[Left column, top: Nick and Ki in his office; he is leaning back in his chair to look out the door, while she stands behind him smiling as she looks out the door as well.]]

[[Left column, bottom: Sharon at copier machine, smiling and winking.]]

[[Right column, top: Trent and Dexter in the break room. Trent looks shifty-eyed; Dexter smiles and waves while eating a sandwich, a soda can and chip bag on the table before him.]]

[[Right column, bottom: Dwayne stepping forward out of his office with a smile, holding out his hand in glad welcome.]]

[[Center column, under GPF Sunday logo: Fooker in a rumpled red t-shirt.]]
Fooker: I'm back.

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