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[[Dwayne greets Fooker with a handshake while Nick, Sharon, and Ki look on in the background.]]
Dwayne: Welcome back Fooker! It's great to have you back at GPF.
Fooker: It's great to _be_ back, Chief.

[[Two-shot of Dwayne and Trent. Dwayne's eyes are narrowed.]]
Dwayne: I'm sorry it took so long. Our expansion was on track before a certain _incident_ nearly jeopardized signing the contract.
Trent: What, "Wiley Wombat?" I _told_ you what happened.

[[Dwayne and Fooker in background, Ki and Sharon in foreground.]]
Dwayne: Anyway, that's all cleared up and we're back on schedule. I'm going to need the best sys admin around to keep things humming.
Ki, indicating Sharon: Good thing we've got the _two_ best admins now.

[[Two-shot of Nick and Fooker.]]
Nick: So what's your first official act as the new lead sys admin?
Fooker: Get me some strong black coffee. I've got some kernels to patch...
[[Fooker grins roguishly and gives his knuckles a <<KRAK>>.]]

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