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[[Dwayne addresses Dexter, Ki, Nick, Sharon, and Fooker while Trent looks on in the background.]]
Dwayne: Okay, gang. Let me explain how the new work is going to progress...

[[Viewpoint over Dwayne's shoulder as he speaks to Fooker and Sharon.]]
Dwayne: In addition to our current space, we're now renting the fourth floor. Sharon and Fooker will be setting up the network there over the next week. Fooker will then admin the new work while Sharon gets the pre-existing stuff.

[[Viewpoint over Dwayne's shoulder as he speaks to Nick, Ki, and Dexter.]]
Dwayne: I'm making Nick team lead for the newest project. Ki will take his place on our existing work, and Dexter will become Junior DBA to help offset Ki's new responsibilities.
Dexter: Kewl! A promotion!

[[Dwayne facing Nick, Ki, and Dexter. Fooker and Sharon colorless outlines in background.]]
Dexter: This is starting to sound like the original "Trek" movies. We're all commanders, captains, and admirals with no ensigns to man the ship.
Dwayne: I'm getting to that.

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