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[[Dwayne and Patty face the team, who are off-panel]]
Dwayne: I haven't assigned Patty to a team yet, but I'll handle that by tomorrow. Why don't one of you show her around while I handle some paperwork?

[[Our view pulls back, with Dwayne and Patty on the left and Dexter and Ki on the right. Dex is blushing while staring down at Patty in surprise.]]
Dwayne: Dex, you seem to know Patty. Can you give her the grand tour?

[[The view remains essentially the same. Dex appears frozen in place, while the others all turn to look at him.]]
Dwayne: Dex?

[[Ki takes Patty by the hand and leads her away. Dwayne watches the two women leave, while Dexter is still frozen in the same pose.]]
Ki: C'mon, Patty. He'll be locked in that race condition for a few hours...

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