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[[Ki is showing Patty around the GPF office.]]
Ki: And this is the kitchen and break room. I think your office will be upstairs. Any questions?
Patty: Let's see... Ki, isn't it?

Patty: About Dexter... he's not going to go all creepy stalker mode on me just because of one blind date, is he?
Ki: No, I think he outgrew that a few years ago... I hope.

Ki: You're not going to have a problem working with HIM, are you?
Patty: Not as long as he remembers what I told him at Fondue For You.

Patty: There aren't any other cosmic coincidences that I need to watch out for, right? Dwayne's not hiring that Trish chick, is he?
Ki: God, I hope and pray not...

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