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[[Sharon is drawing system designs on a pad of paper, with Tim watching over her shoulder]]
Sharon: ... Then it's just a matter of installing the right kernel to handle the distributed processing load. Got it?
Tim: I... think so.

Sharon: [walking away] Come on. Fooker and Scott are way ahead of us by now...
Tim: [thinking] She didn't actually BUILD it, but it WAS a rather inventive design...

Tim: [thinking, and scribbling on a PDA] Now to get the other brothers to initiate the third test...
Sharon: I'll get the doors if you'll push the cart. The elevator is just outside...

Dex: [pushing Trent ahead of him] Sharon! Someone just sent Trent a virus and it's crippling our network!
Trent: Hey! It said Mr. Gamble had $593,532 waiting for me!

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