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[[Tim is watching over Sharon's shoulder as she works to eradicate the virus that is crippling GPF's network.]]
Tim: [thinking] She's totally absorbed in her task, at one with the machine! And THAT looks like my next checklist item...

Tim: [out loud] I've never seen an editor like that...
Sharon: What? Oh, sorry. I was deep in thought. This old thing, I wrote on a whim.

Sharon: [grinning over her shoulder] I was never one for the whole of the vi/Emacs war. I never found an editor that did everything I wanted, so I wrote my own. And THERE, we're done!

Tim: [thinking] She's passed every test... but one... [he presses a button on his PDA] <<BEEP!>>

Sharon: Now let's get back to... [wide-eyed, noticing something] Hello? What's this?

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