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Scott: Hurry! Barker and Murphy went back downstairs for supplies. Did you administer the tests?
Tim: Well, yes...
Scott: And? And?

Tim: Er... You remember how Barker didn't exactly fail, but we couldn't say he passed either...?
Scott: Gah!
Patty: Gee, Scott. I didn't know you were a masochist...

Scott: Grr... How can this be? Only Barker and Murphy bear the skills to be The One! How could they both fail the tests?
Patty: Back on that "The One" train?

Tim: Could "thePR0PH3T" have been wrong about the tests? He did say the prophecy was buried deep in the usenet archives, much like the "Bible Code"...
Scott: He checked it thrice, and I verified it.

Tim: Then perhaps neither of them is The One! There was no time frame set in the prophecy...
Scott: No! I cannot be wrong! I know The One shall be found!
Patty: Um, guys?

Scott: I will not rest until I have proven either Barker or Murphy is--
Sharon: Is what?

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