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[[Ki is talking to her cat, Randi, while getting ready to go out with her fiance Nick.]]
Ki: Tonight's a big night, Randi Boo. At dinner, Nick and I will finalize the honeymoon plans and afterwards we're shopping for wedding rings.

[[Ki pulls two dresses out to choose between.]]
Ki: Things are moving so quickly. It seems like only yesterday that Nick proposed. In just a few months, we'll finally be married.

[[Randi sits on the bed, licking her paw.]]
Ki: Of course, we've never really discussed what we'll do about *you*. I just assumed you'd go wherever I go. I really should talk it over with Nick, though.

[[Ki holds out a dress towards Randi, catching the cat's interest.]]
Ki: So which dress should I wear? What's that? Whichever one has dangling strings you can play with? I see...

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