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[[Ki's cat, Randi, is rubbing up against The Gamester's leg.]]
Randi: <<PURR PURR>>
Gamester: What's this? Oh, It's YOU again, little furry mortal.

Gamester: [levitating Randi in front of him] Nothing to worry about this time, I promise. Just a routine check, which is refreshingly mundane for a change.
Randi: Mreow?

Gamester: [scratching Randi's head while Randi purrs in bliss] I never quite understood why the higher in intelligence a mortal species becomes, the less in tune they become to higher planes of existence. You see a lot more than those two ever will.
Randi: <<PURR PURR>>

Gamester: [smugly] Then again, since you can't tell THEM, that makes it easier for you to watch them for me.

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