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Dwayne: Do you think you guys can handle things while we're gone, Dex?
Dexter: [[salutes Dwayne]] I have the conn, Captain.

Dwayne: I feel odd leaving the new guys like this, but with half my staff subpoenaed to testify -- including myself -- it has to be done.
Ki: I think leaving Dex in command will be fine, so long as he doesn't cross into the neutral zones...

Nick: Well, this is it. Do you really think you're ready for your day in court?
Nicole: As ready as we'll ever be.

Fred: We've got this locked up, Nicole. We've got a clear strategy, and we can counter anything they throw at us.
Nicole: I wish I shared your optimism, Fred.

Nicole: I think we have a strong case, but Mercedes is one tough opponent. I can't help but think she has some ace up her sleeve we don't know about.

Fred: With her wardrobe, I doubt she could hide anything up anywhere without it being obvious.
Fooker: I've suddenly taken a new interest in this case...
Sharon: [[glares at Fooker]]

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