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Nick: Throw in a lion, a tiger, and a bear and we'd have a real media circus out there.
Fooker: Does a wolf count? 'Cause Blitzer is over there...

Nicole: Curse De La Croix! She's turned this into a show trial! It doesn't matter now if we win or lose. You'll still be exposed to a media frenzy, perhaps for the rest of your life.

Fred: You act like you weren't expecting this Nicole, but I was. This is just as much Trent's doing as it is hers. She wants a starring role in a show trial; he just wants to publicly humiliate me.

Fred: They may want to make this a circus, but we'll make it a war. And if they want to be demolished in the limelight, then we'll give them a spectacle they'll never forget.

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