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[[Fred and Nicole Duncan are conferring as the judge prepares to call for their opening statement]]
Fred: [whispered, to Nicole] "Libel per se"? What's the difference?
Nicole: [whispered] Not a good one.
Judge: Counsel for the defense.

[[Trent and Mercedes de la Croix watch Nicole from their side of the courtroom as she speaks.]]
Nicole: [standing, addressing the court] Thank you, your honor. The plaintiff has indeed done much for his company, as has my client. Both have served their capacities well, despite conflicts of personality.

Nicole: [determined] However, I will prove it is the plaintiff, not the defendant, who was the aggressor, and that my client's actions were in defense, not libelous. While most of the claims he made were hyperbole, there is a kernel of truth to be uncovered.

[[A bead of sweat drips down behind Trent's ear as he listens. Mercedes shoots him an icy look.]]
Nicole: I will prove the plaintiff has a history of thoughtless, malevolent actions against others, and that the legality of his actions should be under scrutiny, not my client's.

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