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Mercedes: The counsel for the plaintiff calls the plaintiff, Trenton N. Terrell, to the stand.

Trent whispers: Don't worry, DLC. I got it down pat, just like we rehearsed. No screw ups!
Mercedes whispers: How about not screwing up by whispering en route to the stand?

Mercedes: Mr. Terrell, will you please describe the events leading up to the incident in question.
Trent: Certainly. I was already employed at GPF software when the defendant was hired.

Mercedes: Is it true that you played a few practical jokes on the defendant in October 2003?
Trent: Yes. Mostly a little new employee hazing. All harmless.

Mercedes: Is it true you were reprimanded by your employer for these practical jokes?
Trent: Yes. Undoubtedly, the defendant had no sense of humor and complained to our boss, Mr. Duncan.

Fred whispers: "Harmless employee hazing?" Why that no good dirty rotten--
Nicole whispers: Easy, Fred. Your slime is taking on an eerie red sheen...

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