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Fred: Thanks for the lift. It would have taken me forever to ooze over there...
Bailiff: ew...
Fred: Don't worry. It won't stain.

Bailiff: Raise your right... um...
[[Fred oozes out a right open palm, face out]]
Fred: Does this help?
Bailiff: Do you swear or affirm you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
Fred: I do.

Mercedes: "Mr." Physarum... IS it "MR."? Or is it "Miss" Physarum?
Fred: Technically, I am sexless. Yet I prefer the use of masculine identifiers.

Mercedes: Mr. Physarum, how exactly did a slime mold become employed at GPF software?
Fred: After I was fired from my previous job, Ki Oshiro convinced Mr. Duncan to hire me.

Mercedes: I see. And what was your previous occupation?
Fred: An online literature professor.
Mercedes: And why were you fired...?
Fred: I... didn't have the credentials to teach there.

Mercedes: Were those credentials somehow revoked?
Fred: Um... No, they were somehow forged to begin with.

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