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[[Outside the courthouse where Trent's complaint against Fred is being heard, showing a large crowd of people milling about in the background, a woman reporter holding a microphone for Channel 12 News delivers her report.]]
News Reporter: As the counsel for the plaintiff rests her case, the court adjourns for a brief recess. We, of course, will continue our live coverage of the trial.

[[In front of a skyline, like on a late-night comedy talk show, a male comedian with a large chin (perhaps referencing Jay Leno) tells a joke.]]
Comedian: Have you heard about the marketing exec suing a slime mold for libel? Next I hear Boston Market is suing botulism and salmonella for defamation of character...

[[In front of an open refrigerator, with a "Soft Copy" logo in the lower right of the frame. A man with short dark curly hair, heavy eyebrows, and a mustache (perhaps referencing Geraldo Rivera) attempts to interview a patch of mold on a bowl of something.]]
Tabloid Reporter: So you have no comment on your association with "Dr." Physarum?

[[With a backward question mark containing an E in the lower left corner of the frame, a woman wearing a sleek-looking skin suit appears in the background as a fashion reporter makes her report.]]
Fashion Reporter: Sleek, shiny, and slimey is definitely in, and green is the new black!

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