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Nicole: How long have you known the defendant, Mr. Barker?
Fooker: Almost seven years.
Nicole: And what is your association with him?
Fooker: We're roommates.

Nicole: Describe your relationship.
Fooker: We're bosom buddies. We're like Tom Hanks and that other guy nobody remembers, but without the cross-dressing.

Fooker: Ya know, Fred tries to act all gruff and sarcastic, but deep down he's as soft and squishy as his cytoplasm. While I'm sure Ol' Needlenose may have ruffled his feathers, I don't buy Fred libeling him. That's not in his nature.

Nicole: Thank you, Mr. Barker.
Fooker: Now digesting a guy's remote control to keep him from changing the channel, THAT he'll do.
{{Reference to GPF comic strip: Jan. 2, 1999}}

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