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Dwayne: In business, Fred has been nothing but professional. We had a couple rough anti-social spots at first, but he grew out of them. Although he was partly at fault in his disagreements with Trent, Trent was clearly the aggressor.

Nick: He's always been helpful to those that really know him. His quirky sense of humor should not be confused with malice. His sarcasm rarely is laced with real spite and venom.

Ki: Fred has filled a valuable place in our lives. He's not only an interesting personality, but also a good friend. He helped me in a very difficult situation once, and I've always appreciated that.

Mercedes: Your Honor, the Defense is wasting the court's time with this nonsense.
Nicole: On the contrary, I am establishing the defendant's character.
Judge: Overruled, but pick up the pace a bit, counsel.

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