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Nicole: Mr. Physarum, the plaintiff stated that he pulled a few "pranks" on you in October 2003. In your opinion, were these "harmless employee hazings?"
Fred: Absolutely not.

Fred: Would you consider it "harmless hazing" to put a bottle of arsenic in someone's lunch? Or a "practical joke" to squirt them with concentrated acid from a water gun? I wouldn't, yet that's equivalent tot what he did to me.

Fred: Bleach and disinfectants are lethal to me. I felt genuinely threatened by his "pranks". Yet he laughed it off like a drunken Frat boy.
Nicole: Did you retaliate against him when you felt your life was threatened?
Fred: No.

Nicole: Then what DID you do?
Fred: I followed the procedure in the Employee Handbook. I filed a complaint with Mr. Duncan which he promptly addressed.

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