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Nicole: Mr. Terrell, what is your opinion of the defendant?
Trent: I'm not exactly going to let it rent my Summer condo at the beach, if you must know.

Nicole: Looking at the "pranks" you pulled--Lysol in a lunch bag, bleach in a water gun, a biohazard sign on the defendant's office door--one might think you consider him to be a hazard to your health.
Trent: Heck, yeah! That blob of--

Trent: Er, I MEAN, Yes. That thing lives in a DUMPSTER. Who knows what filth it tracks into our office.
Nicole: Has the defendant ACTIVELY tried to "infect" you?

Trent: Well, it DID get its slime all over me when it took over my body.
Nicole: And because of this you became diseased?
Trent: I... had a... mild rash...?

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