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Nicole: Mr. Terrell, do you think the defendant is sentient?
Trent: I... really don't know...
Nicole: Do you think he is sapient, a thinking, rational being?
Trent: Well, er...

Judge: The plaintiff will answer the question.
Trent: Okay, look, so it SEEMS to think, at least a little, but it certainly isn't a match for any HUMAN.

Trent: It's a single-celled glob of goo! The only reason these others defend it is because it's their PET. They personify it like someone does a dog or cat. I wonder which one took the IQ test for it.

Nicole: Yet you undoubtedly consider HIM "human" enough to be sued.
Mercedes: OBJECTION!
Judge: Overruled. Obviously, the plaintiff and his counsel disagree.

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