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Nicole: Now, Mr. Terrell, let's look at exhibit A, the supposedly libelous blog entry in question, in more detail, shall we?

Nicole: Your counsel has kindly highlighted a number of passages in this text, identifying them as defamatory. However, I'm hard pressed to agree with her assessment.

Nicole: While I may agree one or two statements may APPEAR to be stated as fact when taken out of context, WITHIN context it appears obvious that these are the defendant's OPINIONS, wouldn't you agree?

Trent: Well, um...
Nicole: Mr. Terrell, please read the sentence before this one. In context, does it not make clear the next sentence is an opinion?
Trent: I... guess...

Nicole: And opinions, by the definition of libel, are NOT defamatory. The defendant is free to think whatever he wants about you, so long as he doesn't LIE. This clearly discounts ALL the highlighted statements except one.

Nicole: Admittedly, calling someone an attempted murderer is harsh. But tell, me, Mr. Terrell, what were YOU doing before you were hired by GPF software?

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