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[[Sydney is playing with Ki's cat, Randi]]
Sydney: Hello, Wandi! I'm so glad Miss Ki let da babysitter watch me here. 'Cause it's closer ta Mommy's work. Now we can play together!
Randi: Mreow?

Sydney: I asked Mommy and Daddy if I can have a Kitty, but Mommy says Daddy's allergic. I think she just doesn't want da resposibiliblibly.
Randi: <<purr>> <<purr>> <<purr>>

Sydney: That's odd... I sense a great outwage, as if thousands of people suddenly cwied out in frufstwation, wanting to stwangle a single man...
{{Movie reference to Star Wars IV: A New Hope, Obiwan Kenobi line after Darth Vader destroys Alderan}}

Sydney: If they were watching us, we could distwact them with extweme cuteness!
Randi: <<MRR?>>

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