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Sharon: Hey, Dex! How's the PHP for that shopping cart system coming?
Dex: Huh? Oh, it's almost done, Sharon.

Sharon: Why so glum?
Dex: Oh, nothing. You'll probably think I'm silly.
Sharon: Try me.

Dex: I've just felt... empty lately. As you know, I'm a huge "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" fan. But with "Enterprise" cancelled and "Episode III" ending the SW saga, I'm not sure what to look forward to anymore.

Dex: I mean, I've got all the shows and movies on DVD, so I can watch them any time I want. But they aren't NEW. And while there are plenty of great shows out now, they're just... not quite the same.

Sharon: Well, if you're not satisfied with what's currently out there, why don't you try writing something of your own design?
Dex: Hmmm...

{{Sharon gives the idea to Dex to write his own science fiction story. This becomes "Prometheus One".}}

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