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Ducan [Dwayne]: Ah, Takahashi. Are the fusion reactors back in sync with each other?
Kyoko [Ki]: #4 is held together with spit and bonding strips, but yeah.

Ducan [Dwayne]: Good. Your dear captain Wellstone is bringing us a present. I want you to take a look at it.
Kyoko [Ki]: Of course, general.
Trentoc [Trent]: Just one cycle!

Trentoc [Trent]: The item was uncovered in Eelorian space, General! By all rights, it should be handed over to us!
Ducan [Dwayne]: Actually, magistrate, it was recovered in UNCLAIMED space, near the Laxar nebula.

Ducan [Dwayne]: We humans have an old saying: Finders keepers.
Trentoc [Trent]: We shall see, general.
[[Shot of the "item", a strange spacecraft]]

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