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Kyoko [Ki]: Ned! I see you haven't gotten yourself killed!
Ned [Nick]: Nice to see you too. To think I went to all that trouble to bring you a present...

Kyoko [Ki]: So what exactly IS it?
Ned [Nick]: That's for YOU to tell US. It was floating derelict, without power of life signs by a nearby nebula.

Ned [Nick]: It obviously supported a crew, but it doesn't match any configuration in our or the Eelorian databases. It could be a warship, but I think it was an exploration vessel. I'm going to ask Starbreaker to discreetly ask around the non-humans.

Kyoko [Ki]: Otherwise, I just get to tinker around and find out how it works?
Ned [Nick]: The general kindly requests that you don't blow up the station as you do it.

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