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[[Ki, as Takahashi, stands in the entrance to a strange space vessel.]]
Narrator: The vessel was small, especially by Eelorian standards, but still larger than most human ships. The interior was frigid from long exposure to naked space.

[[Ki looks in at the strange alien engine.]]
Narrator: The power source was unlike anything Takahashi had ever seen. Somehow, this race had harnassed the raw power of a quantum singularity--a black hole--for propulsion. However, the core had long ago been jettisoned.

[[Ki tightens an unseen bolt high above her head with a tool while watching to see if a display panel activates.]]
Narrator: Of course, Kyoko's ingenuity was never to be underestimated. Using a complex combination of converters and couplings, she siphoned power from the #6 fusion reactor to activate the ship's auxilary systems.

[[Ki turns around in surprise as a strange figure with a metal claw comes behind her.]]
Narrator: It was then she discovered that the vessel wasn't quite as deserted as previously thought.

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