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Kyoko [Ki]: You... speak Old Earth English?
Dexlar [Dex]: I was programmed with as many forms of verbal communication as my Masters thought I might encounter.

Dexlar [Dex]: Your species is human. Planet designation G8946-37NT4. Called by inhabitants as Earth, Terra, Sol 3...
Kyoko [Ki]: Y-yes. My name is Kyoko. Kyoko Takahashi.

Dexlar [Dex]: Greetings, Kyoko Kyoko Takahashi. Since you seem to designate verbal identifiers, you may address this unit as Dexlar 88-G, or simply Dexlar, as I am the only unit onboard.

Ki: "Dexlar?" You made yourself the ROBOT?
Dexter: Just wait! It gets better!

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