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[[Ned [Nick], Jas [Fooker], and Shalar [Sharon] talking]]
Jas [Fooker]: Your engineer girlfriend seems to be spending an awful lot of time with her new mechanical friend, Wellstone...
Shalar [Sharon]: Careful, Jas. You may make him jealous.

Ned [Nick]: Jealous? Hardly. Kyoko has a habit of getting caught up in her work sometimes. But I know my place with her.
Shalar [Sharon]: Poor dear. He's still going through denial.

[[Kyoko [Ki] enters]
Jas [Fooker]: Speak of the devil...
Kyoko [Ki]: Am I the topic of conversation?
Shalar [Sharon]: You and Ned's replacement.

Kyoko [Ki]: Dexlar may be a fascinating subject of study, but he's certainly no replacement for my captain.
Jas [Fooker]: What about the Eelorians? Do they still lay claim to that ship?

Ned [Nick]: The Eelorians lay claim to anything that doesn't fight back. And even then they may press on if they think they can win.
Shalar [Sharon]: It's a wonder they've let you play with that ship this long.

Jas [Fooker]: Mark my words, Takahashi. That ship and your mechanical pal are going to be trouble. If not now, then definitely later.
Ned [Nick]: You're such an optimist, Starbreaker.

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