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[Comic for Monday, September 5, 2005]


[[Ned [Nick] and Kyoko [Ki] discussing]]
Kyoko [Ki]: So do YOU think I'm spending too much time with Dexlar?
Ned [Nick]: Well, you DID miss dinner last night...

Kyoko [Ki]: Sorry! I must have lost track of ti--
[[Ducan [Dwayne] enters]]
Ducan [Dwayne]: Security alert! Lock down all access ports!

Ned [Nick]: What's wrong, general?
Ducan [Dwayne]: We seem to have a hacker probing the system. Trace that signal!

Trentoc [Trent]: General! What is the meaning of this unauthorized access of our computer systems?
Worker: Sir! I've traced it to Hangar Bay 12!
Kyoko [Ki] thinks: Dexlar!

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