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[[Trentoc is attempting to take Dexlar from Kyoko]]
Trentoc: Because of this attack on our sovereignty, we demand that the robot and the alien ship be handed over to the Eelorian government immediately.
Kyoko: You can't do that!

Trentoc: On what grounds, Chief? You seem to forget that it was the abundant generosity of the Eelorians that let your people remain here after the Kanorat devastated your home world. Now you seek to harbor a criminal from us?

Kyoko: CRIMINAL? Dexlar is a ROBOT! An exploratory drone! He was doing what he was programmed to do! He knows nothing about our politics! He was only being inquisitive, seeking to learn more! You can't fault him for that!

Trentoc: I CAN fault it for gaining access to secured Eelorian military files. That is a crime by our law. And you are bound by our treaty to hand it over for punishment. Be grateful I do not ask for YOUR head as well, Chief.

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