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[[Kyoko [Ki] in General Ducan's [Dwayne] office]]
Kyoko [Ki]: You're just going to hand Dexlar over to T'rel and his thugs?
Ducan [Dwayne]: My hands are tied, Kyoko. The Eelorian treaty has precedence here.

Kyoko [Ki]: You KNOW that T'rel only wants to use this as an excuse to seize Dex and take him apart! They just want to get their tentacles on that alien technology!
Ducan [Dwayne]: That may be true...

Ducan [Dwayne]: But so is the fact that this robot hacked OUR system, and through it, it hacked the Eelorians. I've checked the treaty and Eelorian code of law. T'rel's claim is legitimate.

Ducan [Dwayne]: Unless you can PROVE the robot didn't hack the Eelorian computer, there's not much else I can do.

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