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Dexlar [Dex]: I apologize for causing so many problems, Kyoko Kyoko Takahashi...
Kyoko [Ki]: It's okay, Dexlar, you didn't know what you were doing was "wrong".

Dexlar [Dex]: As you said, I was programmed to explore. My data probe was designed to be non-invasive, but with such unfamiliar systems, it may have been misinterpreted as an attack.

Dexlar [Dex]: However, I was unaware that your computer was so deeply interwoven with the Eelorians...
Kyoko [Ki]: It's not. We only have read-only links, except for communications.

Dexlar [Dex]: Then perhaps the Eelorians are in error. I did not "hack" any system. I merely explored data pathways. If their system was unidirectional, I would not have attempted to access it.
Kyoko [Ki]: Is that so...

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