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Ducan [Dwayne]: I'm not happy about this, T'rel. I'm not convinced the robot meant any sort of malice against your computer.
Trentoc [Trent]: You humans are far too trusting. But the treaty is clear, and our courts will decide the robot's fate.

Ducan [Dwayne]: If you could give us a little more time to conduct a thorough investigation...
Trentoc [Trent]: I've had enough of your stalling, General! Release the machine to us now or--
[[Kyoko [Ki] enters]]
Kyoko [Ki]: Hold everything!

Trentoc [Trent]: What is the meaning of this interruption? General, discipline your subordinate!
Kyoko [Ki]: Discipline yourself, T'rel. I'm on to your little scheme.

Kyoko [Ki]: General, I have here a series of data logs that not only prove that Dexlar did NOT hack the Eelorian system, but that this was part of the Magistrate's elaborate plan to seize Dexlar's alien technology for himself.

Trentoc [Trent]: How DARE you accuise me of such subterfuge, Chief! I am appalled at the speed with which you fabricated this "evidence!"
Kyoko [Ki]: Nothing was fabricated, Magistrate. Your own computer can verify it.

Ducan [Dwayne]: At any rate, it appears Chief Takahashi has provided us with something to investigate. I'm sure this confiscation can wait until we review her "evidence".

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