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Kyoko [Ki]: Magistrate T'rel claims Dexlar's data probe gained system-level access to the Eelorian computers after compromising our own. This shouldn't be possible, as we only have read-only access to their knowledge base.

Kyoko [Ki]: Yet both our and their logs clearly show a system-level login at the very moment Dexlar was probing our system.
Trentoc [Trent]: Ha! You only prove my point!

Kyoko [Ki]: On the contrary, Dex was scanning our engineering database at the time of the Eelorian intrusion. There's no direct interface between that database and the Eelorian computer. We keep it separate for our OWN security.

Kyoko [Ki]: But Dex's sweep DID trigger a small piece of embedded code, deep in our system, that has been laying dormant for several years. I find it interesting that its timestamp corresponds with our first Eelorian computer link up.

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