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Ned [Nick]: You're implying the Eelorians implanted a backdoor into our computer when they first established the link with us?
Trentoc [Trent]: Preposterous!

Kyoko [Ki]: Not implying; proving! I checked all system backups prior to and after the link, and it never existed before. The code executes a clever but harmless bypass of Eelorian security protocols. Enough to raise an alarm on cue.

Kyoko [Ki]: My suspicion is that they put this Trojan in our system as an ace in the hole, with no specific use in mind, but convenient in the off chance it might be needed. The magistrate knew of its existence, but I doubt few below his rank would.

Kyoko [Ki]: My guess is that he became frustrated by our legal salvage rights to the alien ship outside their space, and used the Trojan to simulate a hack when he learned of Dexlar's probe. Then he could cry foul and seize Dex and the ship.

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