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Trentoc [Trent]: This is ludicrous! I demand that we end this charade and that you hand over the robot immediately!
Ducan [Dwayne]: I don't think so. Kyoko's evidence seems valid to me.

Ducan [Dwayne]: With no real intrusion by Dexlar into your computer, your criminal extradition claim has no merit. Thus, OUR salvage claim still holds, as enforced by the very treaty you religiously cling to, T'rel.

Trentoc [Trent]: My government will not stand for this treachery!
Ned [Nick]: On the contrary, I suspect they'll be so embarrassed by your mishandling of this that they'll backpedal quicker than a Rigellian razorback.

Ducan [Dwayne]: It wouldn't surprise me if they relieved you of your post, Magistrate.
Trentoc [Trent]: Laugh while you can, General. You'll live to regret this day...

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