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Dex: Thanks for all the great advice, Ki! Your critique of my Sci-Fi story really helped!
Ki: You're welcome, Dex. I hope you get to write more.

Dex: I based the characters on my friends, but since then they've taken on a life of their own. I really want to explore their histories and personalities now.
Ki: That's a good place to start.

Dex: While this one focuses on Kyoko, I think the next one will focus on Jas and Shalar. It's really bizarre how they meet! And I can't wait for Fooker and Sharon to read it too!
Ki: Um, be careful...

Ki: I've learned from experience that not everyone enjoys being cast as the green-skinned alien sexpot...
[[Sharon enters]]
Sharon: Who's a green-skinned alien sexpot?

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