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[[Image of Sam with a football]]
Ki voiceover: Sam was the star running back. He was smart, athletic, and came from a fairly wealthy family. Needless to say, most girls drooled over him.

Ki voiceover: Of course, you know me. Just because a guy is "hot" doesn't necessarily mean he's going to impress *me*.
Ki: Excuse us. Josh is busy studying. Can you talk to him later?

Sam [[whispering to Ki]]: Watch Josh. He has a hard time reducing polynomials. I'd hate to see what happens if he ever ends up having to find the best "Big-Oh" approximation of one. That'll be a hoot.

[[Sam walks away, winking and giving Ki the thumbs-up sign. Ki smiles]]
Ki voiceover: Of course, a firm grasp of discrete mathematics--or any display of high intelligence--is another matter.

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