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Fooker: What are YOU so happy for? Did you finally get your laptop up to a whopping 64MB of RAM?
Ki: Better. I've got a date tomorrow!

Geek 1: A CS geek on a date?! It's... it's unheard of!
Geek 3: She's female. Maybe it's different.
Geek 2: Is there enough data to determine a precedent?

Fooker: Quiet, you three! Who's the lucky guy, if you don't mind my asking?
Ki: I met him through a guy I've been tutoring. His name is Sam, and he's a running back on the football team...

Geek 1: Ack! A geek dating a jock! A FEMALE geek dating someone popular!
Geek 2: Our universe is collapsing!
Geek 3: Or maybe infinitely expanding...
Fooker: We have GOT to find a new lunch table...

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